Industry Advocate

South Australia’s Office of the Industry Advocate is working with South Australia’s Steel Taskforce to establish a third party audit, to ensure State Government projects use certified Australian standard steel.

The Industry Advocate will assist the South Australian steel fabrication sector to become compliant with Steelwork Compliance Australia requirements.

The quality of steel fabrication undertaken by South Australian companies, including the use of high quality Australian steel, can be used to provide a competitive advantage for local companies tendering for work with the State Government.

South Australian projects using Australian Standard Steel

Steel Initiative

The Steel Initiative is about leveraging from the industry participation initiatives. 

The State Government has implemented the steel industry participation initiative to ensure all South Australian Government projects include contract conditions specifying that:

South Australia is leading the charge to encourage other States and the Federal Government to use steel that meets Australian Standards and certification requirements, giving the local industry a competitive advantage against low quality imports.

The Steel Certification Initiative is part of the $4.3 million package of funding it includes the establishment of a government surveillance program to ensure contractors comply with requirements and assistance to local steel fabricators to help them to meet the costs of achieving certification standards.