Steel task force

South Australia’s Steel Task Force is responsible for the coordination of action across government to give Arrium’s mining, smelting and manufacturing operations in and around Whyalla every chance to thrive.

The Task Force is in contact  with all parties involved in the negotiations about Arrium’s future to ensure that Whyalla continues to operate as a steel producer.

The Steel Task Force is led by Bruce Carter, who was part of a team that secured Port Pirie’s future through an agreement with Nyrstar, and will work with Arrium and the steel industry during these challenging economic times.

The Task Force is partnering with the Office of the Industry Advocate to design initiatives that ensure steelmakers and fabricators can compete fairly for local contracts.

The State Government continues to stand by Arrium and the Whyalla community to ensure that steelmaking remains a major contributor to jobs and economic prosperity in South Australia.